The Engineering Consultancy service. Safety specialisation & related services.


Land Systems


  • Field Electrical Power Distribution System Safety Appraisal. Lead within Frazer-Nash team completing HAZOP studies and preliminary Hazard Log development for the FEPDS as a ‘legacy system’.
  • Author and Project Auditor of multiple communications and situational awareness programmes, many of which were for Special Projects.
  • Project Manager and lead for the iRobot Safety Case for SP SCM IPT.
  • ISA for the CUTLASS remote control bomb disposal programme.
  • Project Manager and lead for Advanced Sound Ranging Programme (ASP) equipment used in its military environment and all ancillary items such as rechargeable batteries, generators, box bodies, and other support vehicle interfaces.
  • Independent Safety Auditor on various projects including Emergency Escape Breathing Device.
  • Project Manager for the Safety Case for the new military Diesel motorcycle through concept phase to trial.
  • Safety and Environmental Manager for Frazer-Nash as part of consortium leading the Special Forces covert systems development programme.
  • Lead ISEA for Manoeuvre Support PT on the Dismounted Countermeasure Capability Programme for Safety and Environmental issues.
  • Future Engineer Tank (FET) Safety Appraisal. Part of the FNC team completing HAZOP studies and preliminary Hazard Log development for the Future Engineer Tank (FET) at the concept stage.
  • Project Manager and lead for the Safety Case for the Key Variable Management System (KVMS) as part of the BOWMAN project.
  • Lead Safety Engineer for Safety Appraisal of early Rapier FSB2 Surface to Air missile system and Rapier Support equipment.
  • Internal Project Auditor for numerous Safety and Environmental assessments, including:
  •  AWE Facilities;
  •  Logistic Vehicles;
  •  PUMA helicopter;
  •  DROPS GSV Gap Closure; 
  •      Combat Engineer Tractor; 
  •      Mine Protected Vehicle;
  •  All Terrain Vehicle;
  •  Nuclear Design Substantiation.

Sea Systems


  • Safety Policy Manager for Defence Maritime Regulator (DMR) within the MOD DSA. 
  • Project Manager and Safety lead for long term support and continual assessment by the Safety Working Group during the development of the Safety Case for the Sonar 2070 towed body. This included Inboard/Outboard, Cross-Decking and winch trial activities.
  • Sting Ray Torpedo Modification Safety Management. Part of the team ensuring the safety criteria is applied, conformed to and managed effectively for the development, testing, introduction, service use and disposal of the modified torpedo.
  • Safety Certification procedure review. Research and compilation of a study report reviewing the safety certification procedures and practices of DISM, DISS, DGSM and DGSS leading to recommendations for a common policy.
  • MoD SSA Fire Safety Certification for all Naval vessels. Project Manager on a contract to advise the MoD on the compliance of individual vessels to Fire safety regulations.
  • Review and revision of JSP 430. MoD SSMO contract project to revise and review JSP 430 leading to the Vol.1 Issue 2 document.


  • Peer review and Project auditor of multiple Periodic Safety Reviews for Nuclear Industry.
  • Technical Auditor and Project Supervisor on many Nuclear Safety Case programmes.
  • Nuclear SQEP training (3 module) programme evaluation team member;
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA/19) for the low level tankage for use by the ACRC Boronation and Preliminary Circuit Decontamination (PCD) system was completed for DML.

Air Systems


  •  AIRBUS Defence and Space Safety and Regulation adviser. 
  • Technical Auditor and Project Supervisor on many Land, Sea and Air system Safety Cases and ISA roles providing advice and guidance on the application of Joint Service Publications, Defence Standards and POEMS/POSMS requirements.
  • Project Manager and lead acting as Safety adviser to EADS Defence and Security Systems for the REACHER Land Mobile communication system.
  • Lead Safety Engineer in various Special Projects Communication/ Monitoring System Safety Cases/Appraisals for Air, Land and Sea Systems, including microwave and covert systems.
  •  Independent Safety Auditor for Replacement Acoustic Processor for the Nimrod MR Mk2 Aircraft.
  • Involved with Safety Standard Review Committee during assessment and update of Def Stan 00-55, 00-56 and 00-58.
  • Nimrod 2000 Undercarriage FMECA and RCM.
  • The new Nimrod 2000 aircraft (MRA4) has had an extensive redesign on its undercarriage system to cope with increasing workloads and carrying capacities. This required a full FMECA and RCM analysis as part of the safety management system ensuring that all possible failures have been considered.
  • TIALD - Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator.
  • Responsible for the Safety Assessments during development and production stages including development of the Hazard log and various Fault Tree Analyses (FTA).
  • Jaguar (Military Aircraft) Adour Engine Enhancement.
  • Responsible for implementing the System Safety Programme Plan and Preliminary Hazard Analysis as part of the feasibility study for the introduction of the new engine.
  • EF2000 Chase/GPS Pod.
  • Responsible for updating EF2000 Chase Hazard Log and Safety Assessment for the development flight trials of the Global Positioning System Pod on Tornado aircraft.
  • Tornado Life Extension Programme.  
  • Responsible for representing the Safety Group within PSC meetings to identify safety relevance of zonal components. Also responsible for identifying safety critical wiring using Zonal Hazard Analysis techniques.
  • Responsible for all aspects of System Safety, Certification and Limitations and Defect Investigations concerning Jaguar, Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon military aircraft.